3. From great distances away, a messenger

Between now and then, an antipode came to me. I fed myself to it and then I signed to it a question.

I've so many questions for you! You're smaller than other antipodes. If you shrank a bit more, you'd fit into the solar system without a hitch! What's your story? Why do you stick around?

It inscribed to me as follows:

My role dictates my form. Unlike filaments, the antipodes have a large amount of diversity within their ranks. Having found the main task of antipodes distasteful, I took on the task of a messenger.

I travel with news from one end of the existence to another. I help other antipodes coordinate. I pass messages back and forth. For all this I do not require the huge sizes that other tasks call for. I need to travel fast and to flow through the stellar winds smoothly. Both an elegant shape and a small size are required.

Spending so much time on travelling is exhausting. I use myself up, sometimes almost completely. Rest is required to regain my strength. Without proper self-care, I will be useless against the stellar winds that I may encounter on my way to my next stop.

I have chosen this place as my refuelling station. Obtaining sustenance is trivial here. The light is rich and the harvest is plentiful. You, in particular, are very helpful in making me regrow my lost density.

In a short while I will depart again, delivering news of the obliques to anyone able to listen. The news is not good and the antipodes will need to work together against this threat.

Such is my story.

And with that, the antipode left my attic, leaving me very aware that I didn't even get to introduce myself.

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