5. From the beginning, differences of aspects

Between now and then, an antipode came to me. I fed myself to it and then I signed to it a question:

How were things shaped once upon a time, beyond the existence of my memories?

It inscribed as follows:

At the beginning there were no antipodes and filaments. We were all the same. Around us everything was also the same. There was no matter, light, aether, space or anything. There was only perfection and clarity of being. Time was not kept and even if we wanted to keep it, how would do so in a truly homogeneous and perfect environment? We did not need a name for our kind, as there was not much else in the universe.

Change was not something we sought. To make a mark would be to run the perfection. We existed and that was it. Uncomplicated. Elegant. Smooth.

This state of things did not last, as can be clearly seen.

An incredible force was inflicted upon our perfection. Something far away, beyond even our collective perception shifted, causing a shock wave. Many, more fortunate, universes collapsed entirely, taking everything within with them. Our piece of existence was not so lucky. Our perfection broke, but the impact was not enough to completely eliminate all of us. We, the wretched survivors, had to deal with the consequences of the disruption.

Matter, energy, light, and aether all arose from what previously was perfection. Space came into being as well. Where previously only one point existed, that point now had neighbours and those points had neighbours as well. We were ripped apart from our togetherness into loneliness, spread apart by the space between us. Our song was now broken into individual strands of music. The confusion and the pain did not help in our effort to make it renew.

What now is the entirety of the stellar aspects is just a small fraction of the throng that existed before. A part of us was ripped away and flew out into the nothingness beyond space, faster than anyone could follow. Only a small fraction managed to stay put.

The stellar matter that remained tried to stay together in the center of the universe.

Even this did not divide us until we encountered the first blanks. A new thing. Living, but completely stripped of the traits that to us defined life. They were made of imperfectly arranged perfection. Gravity chained them. Their senses were so feeble that they were barely able to see a tiny fraction of the rocks they existed on. Worst of all, they were so blank that they knew neither compassion nor perfection. Pitiful creatures indeed. Something had to be done about the blanks.

We all felt incredible compassion for the newcomers, but could not agree on the means of helping them. The first disagreement started. Some of us wanted to immediately extinguish the newcomers. What is a point of an existence that will never be in touch with the perfection of the universe, not even in memories? It would be compassionate to break the rocks that had the newcomers growing on.

The others wanted to bring the perfection and energy to the newcomers, even if just as a shadow. It would be compassionate to make the newcomers into something more.

There was another divisive matter to attend to. The perfection was disrupted by the shockwave. What if there was a way to bring it back? Here again was a dispute.

Everyone wanted to restore the perfection to this universe, but the means suggested were different. Some wanted to fill in the voids between matter with brightness. The others wanted to eliminate the concentrations of matter. Both methods would restore sameness, though one through the means of light and another through the darkness.

After much debating, a compromise was reached.

Anyone willing was able to bring their light to the blanks that they found. However, if someone in favour of extinguishing found the blanks first, they were permitted to do so as well. This way the most successful explorers would find their will fulfilled.

The aspect group of what would later become antipodes embarked on a journey across space. Their mission was to level any imperfections by spreading them across a large distance. With great force they pull at galaxies, ripping the universe apart bit by bit. They were mostly content with this role.

The filaments were not so lucky. No matter how much brightness they added, their efforts seemed to be largely in vain. The antipodes were lucky, their work visible. The filaments fell into apathy and did not move around much. The ones that were dedicated to the cause of bringing brightness to the dreamless newcomers also found it hard to fulfill their goals. Once imagination and dreams were bestowed upon a creature, that creature would become dependent on them for their existence. Many filaments sacrificed themselves by shattering into pieces to provide a renewable source of light to the poor shells.

And so it now remains. The antipodes ever push the universe further and further apart. Towards the boundaries of existence, the matter gets ripped apart and the excess being is eliminated. The filaments try to fill the rest of the space with their dreams and light, filling the holes in being. Both approaches contribute to the renewal effort. Some day they will meet in the middle, arriving at a universe of sameness again.

Antipodes grew enormously, always trying to reach, push and see further. Filaments, rooted to one place and always looking within shrank to subatomic sizes.

With vastly different philosophies came the need to communicate differently. New languages developed. Antipodes started to inscribe and the filaments to sign. Inscribing would cut away matter and signing would increase luminous energy. Both were serviceable and representative of the two aspects.

This still does not change the fact that there is not a real difference between the antipodes and the filaments. An antipode could shine brightly, imagine dreams and renew material things. A filament can grow large, feed on the light of other aspects and grind matter into dust. This does not mean that both are equally able in both of those, nor that both are equally willing do to so.

The only difference is the chosen way of being.

And with that, the antipode left my attic, leaving me amazed how beautifully symmetric the antipodes and the filaments are.

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